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A reply from Nadia Fazlini's friend

This post entry is by far the most popular posts in Abang Long's blog. It has more than 10 comments and 40 of the viewers, shared this post with their facebook friends.

Now there is one particular comment that caught my attention. (To read the rest of the comments, scroll down the post) Below is the comment that caught my attention.

Hi.. Im one of her aquantaince.Not close but close enough to know what sort of person she is. First n foremost, lemme clear the air.
As u can see, this hacker is very smart. I was once duped by the hacker, thinking that its was her (nadia). This happens sometime last yr. Fyi, we used to live overseas.I moved in back to sg last yr.

The 'hacker' created an account in fb using her name. Not knowing that it wasnt Nadia herslf, we chatted quite a number of times. until one day, she posted a pic of herself n 2 other frens and started tagging all the pple in her list. I was quite upset cos the caption she put in that photo makes them look like whores!! those 2 girls in the photos are my 2 closest fren. And that pic was taken 4yrs ago in a water theme park.. and i was the one taking the pics!! (*and of cos we r wearing swimsuits..its a water theme park in dubai, so do u expect us to wear arbaya?*)So i made an overseas call to her.. And to my surprise!!!, she know nuthing of that sort. and she didnt hv any fb acc!!!

After knowing all these, i decided to call all our common friends to beware of this imposter "Nadia Fazlini" in fb. Later that day, another close friend of mine , E (another Suria actress) chatted with me asking me bout the private mail she received with regards to the imposter. I started to talk to her venting out my anger towards this imposter, he/she was not just trying to destroy Nadia's life but to any associates that are close to her.. while i was talking to E, i sense something is amiss.. so i decided to make a direct phone call to E, while im still online thru the internet chatting with E.
To my greatest wasnt the real 'E' that i was chatting with..its the IMPOSTER!!! when spoken to E over the phone, she cant recall any of the conversation i had earlier in her fb acc!

This is getting too far.. so i decided to call all my friends to trap her. Yes indeed . we manage to trap her. she logs out in 'E' acc and log in as Nadia. she started to chat with all of us.. Little did she knew that we were about to trap her.. we started asking her ques like..where is she staying now.. personal questions that she doesnt know bout Nadia. true enuff...!! she keeps making this error like 'dbx', which is supposed to be 'dxb' in short, for dubai. She doesnt noe her address in dubai, giving vague answers like only the street name.. even so , her spelling is totally wrong!!

We reported it to fb and her acc was then deleted. Nadia did mention that its just a matter of time that this hacker will rise again of any sort just to destroy her life. True enough. A yr later, the video is nothing in comparison with any of her other harrasment.. When i asked Nadia bout the video, she regrettedly admitted that she had done that, and the only one who had access to that video is her ex bf whom she dated 5 yrs ago..!! (of cos i knew who he is, he is now married with 2 kids!!!)

Nadia had personally warn us, that this hacker will never ever stop from harassing her. And she also reminded us that she has no other online contact such as friendster, msn, tweeter, or wateva sort. So everyone pls do not add her if another 'Nadia Fazlini' comes along and wanted to be your friend.

To the hacker, i know you are out there reading.. you know i am... Remember, GOD is watching. You may be reading this and laughing your ass out.. Karma will come to you.

It was posted by an Anonymous person but I knew her e-mail. So since Abang Long want to know more about the situation, I decided to e-mail her and asked her a few questions.

Qns 1) Could the hacker be the ex-boyfriend in the video? (In reference to my question in my blog post)

Qns 2) Why would the hacker keep harassing her? What have Miss Nadia done to that hacker till that hacker could do such thing to her? (In reference to your comment 'that this hacker will never ever stop from harassing her')

Qns 3) What have the things that the hacker do to harass Miss Nadia?

Qns 4) Do you know who the hacker is?

Qns 5) How can the hacker get hold of the video if that video is between Miss Nadia and Ex-boyfriend themself?

Qns 6) What can we do to stop this hacker?

Qns 7) Was last Sunday's Suria Sedap show being planned way ahead or changed at the last moment to create more hype or cause embarrassment to her?

So, a few days of waiting and I managed to get her reply.

Q1) Could it be Nadia's Ex?
Well maybe yes.. Maybe not... i believe they have a clean break-up back then. Moreover, he's married now. I dont think he wants to jeopardise his own family with that video of his.

Q2)Why would the hacker keep harassing her? What have Miss Nadia done to that hacker till that hacker could do such thing to her?
In my opinion, he/she is seriously jealous of her. I have tried asking that to Nadia before.. She dont even know. But the way this hacker get back to her is unethical.. He punishes Nadia as though she has commit a murder!! And that's something which is so wrong.. ; to post an explicit video for the world to know..sigh..
To add on, its not just her. The hacker did that to her own elder sis as well. The harrasing part.

Q3)The things the hacker did to Nadia?
Goodness.. you never want to be her. The hacker has 100% control over her email address, So he/she can create any account using her name.

1. The hacker has hacked to Nadia own's personal Multiply account. Fyi, Nadia used to have an account with Multiply. But it wasnt for long before she couldnt have access to it. Slowly pics of her and other,different guys she used to date started to show up. The pics are fine to me.. Like a normal couple taking a pic.. But it is absurd, when the hacker creates an album with pics of herself(nadia) with different men in 1 album.. What makes it worse, the captions that were put up were just too slutty. eg " ouh , this is pic of me & xxx. Handsome than the last french guy isit he?" , " just me & xxx to phuket" ..things like that..

2. The hacker has also create an account in fb using her name. Which I just relate earlier on.

3. Whenever she was on transit in SG, she used to received threat notes.. On one occassion, she received a bomb threat saying that she is going to die..or something like "there's a bomb" in e plane that she is flying.. i cant exactly remember the exact words that is written. But i know for sure, that the aircraft was delayed 4 hrs to have to have it screened. Since then, whenever she is on transit in sg, she was always on a different 'General Declarations'. Her profile was made confidential by the airline company when she travelled.. even her room no in the hotel.

4. There are occasions whereby, her cargo bag was scratched badly.. and her cargo bag tag was stolen. Those kind of small small stuff.

5. Nadia has changed her hp no a million times.. she keep receiving unnecessary phonecalls from unknown pple that will threaten her with vulgarities, despite having her no as private.

Q4)Do i know the hacker?
ermmm.. It could be anyone, i do not know. Mayb one of Nadia's close friend or relative ..?? Maybe there's a group of them..i seriously don know. if i have known the hacker, i would have skinned him alive!!! Not only he is a jack ass.. but he has created alot of stirs, in many innocent lives..!! Just look at Rosita Husin. For no reasons, she was being accused for spreading the link?? and those 2 girls in the photos with her.. what have they done to deserve this? And the parents.. esp the father and her husband..Just look at the damages done here. Its catastrophic!

Q5)How can the hacker get hold of the video?
Nadia has no access to that video at all. It is stored in her ex-bf hp. How it got leaked out..i dont know. Maybe his wife..?? Maybe the ex's friend ..?Its defintely not her for sure. Nobody in the right mind, would want to post that kind of info in her account..The same way goes to her other personal pictures with her family/friends and her other ex-es in her life... even before she met the guy in the video. I, myself have not seen most of the pics.. i dont even know it existed! In short, Nadia has been a target all along. And the hacker had it all nicely planned indeed.

Q6) How can we stop it?
Can you give us some ideas. Im speaking on behalf of Nadia friends who are indirectly affected.. who had their accounts hacked... who had their personal stuff in the net stolen. Tracing IPs..?? Emailing to all our friends..Reporting it to the authorities?? We have done that. So what else is left..?

Q7)Suria Sedap Tv programme featuring Nadia??
I dont know. Im not the TV person. And im not her close friend to know bout her glitz n glam side of her life.

Well i hope this will help.
I came across your blog when i googled her. When i read your entry and the comments posted.. im quite pissed. I was typing really fast, missing some of the words even. But i know i had to clear up some misconceptions somewhere.. im sorry if my earlier post was all about emotions...

Thank you for letting me share my side of the story. Its not all about Nadia.. Give her a break. She is pregnant and due anytime soon. Let us pray that she can go through these tough times with ease. Insyallah.


So for those of you who were searching for Nadia Fazlini blog, Nadia Fazlini boyfriend, Nadia Fazlini friendster, Nadia Fazlini multiply, Nadia Fazlini MSN, Nadia Fazlini Sharip facebook, Nadia Fazlini twitter, you will not be finding it at all or in the near future.

She has no other online contact.

I hope these help to answer some of the questions that some of you might be thinking. If you do have any suggestions how to help her, or any other feedback, do comment below.

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